Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Great Law School Time-Suck

By Michael Stone

It was December 2009. Being the proto-typical political science major, I devoured all the news I could get my hands on—university news, local news, state news, and national news. I engaged in op-ed warfare with a conservative person on the university newspaper staff. I would tell others: “You have a DUTY to keep up with current events!”

I lived and breathed this mantra. I balanced school, work, leisure, and news. I felt like Mr. Responsible Citizen, and I was more than a little smug.

It’s now April 2013. That guy from December 2009—yeah, that guy is a jerk. Yesterday I managed to listen to a podcast on my way to law school from my unpaid internship. I wasn’t really listening because I was mentally running a presentation on Fourth Amendment searches through my head. I disagreed with a comment on the class blog today—my uncle’s comment in fact. I’m too tired to fight with him. I keep telling myself, “You have a DUTY to do well in this internship and school in the hopes that you can secure some sort of job after law school.”

I drag my carcass around with this mantra. I devote most of my time to classes, preparation for classes, writing for classes, and the internship. I had to put a reminder on my Google calendar the other day to remind me to eat lunch. I prioritize an hour or two to spend with my fiancée.

I hear that news occurs—though I rarely see it. My name is Mr. Generic Law Student, and I am more than a little exhausted.

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  1. I had a reminder on my computer to look at blog posts today. The reminder went off as I was taking the train to meet for a study session for business organizations and writing another reminder to send my memo to the attorney I am working for. This article definitely resonates. Thank you for putting so well the thoughts which have been echoing in my own head.